Refund Policy

All buyers purchase any product from this website with the clear understanding that the refunds will be granted within the 1 day of purchase. If you request the refund, the administration fee USD 69 (13% HST if applicable) will be automatically charged. This administration fee will be deducted from your total payment. We will refund the balance of it, i.e. The refunded amount = Your total payment - Administration fee. However, all the payment after 1 day will be final without the refund.


BSI grants you, the member/subscriber, the right to access the information from our website and apps as well as all the available communication tools for your own personal use only. The material is not allowed to be modified or altered in any way, republished or distributed, or made available to any 3rd parties without the written consent of BSI.

The member/subscriber either shall not share his/her username and password with anyone for any reason.

BSI retains the right to terminate any membership or subscription at any time if the member/subscriber violates the copyright and/or any above-mentioned agreement. No refund will be made in this case. Therefore, BSI also retains the right to use a legal process to involve the member/subscriber through a court of law. 


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